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Using BME images to illustrate entries

When you add images to the BME encyclopedia, you are welcome to use any images from to help illustrate your entry. Images must retain their BME watermark/copyright notice.

Using IAM images to illustrate entries

Please don't use pictures off people's IAM pages without first asking them. Please cite the source, and tag images with the BME copyright notice where appropriate.

Personal Photos

Uploading personal photos to the Wiki is strictly prohibited. The BME Wiki is not a place to host your photos nor are you permitted to replace BME's images in entries with your own. If you feel an entry is missing a photo and you are able to provide it, please first submit the photo to BME.

Book covers, Movie Stills, and Promotional Photos

You may use photos of book and movie covers to illustrate those entries, as well as movie stills (just not too many), and promotional photos from celebrities, product manufacturers, and so on. Always cite the site/owner of the photos.

Images Found On The Internet of Unknown Ownership

This policy may change, but for now I'm going to say I'm OK with you using these images, but please cite their original source, and do not tag them with a BME logo since they're not our photos to do so with.

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